The Rain Song (Acoustic)

Animated The Rain Song (Acoustic) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here is the complete version of this famous Zep song. There are actually 2 guitars (heard together in the normal speed audio). An Acoustic and an electric guitar. In this ActionTab we show only at the acoustic guitar. This is the main guitar for the song, however, the electric does take over during the frilly bits, and later in the 'heavy' part of the song. We'll show the electric guitar in the next ActionTab.

Tuning is Low: D G C G C D, not standard tuning!

Some parts of the song can be tricky. In particular, this part. There are 2 chords here involving the 3rd finger on the Low G string, which can be awkward. This chord and then this one shortly afterwards. If you are having troubles on those chords, just forget about the bass note (3rd finger) entirely and just play the top 4 strings. It'll sound right, and be much easier to play. If you do decide to play it that way, still use your 1st finger to barre across, but use your 2nd finger for the notes on the highest string rather than the 4th finger (yellow dot) shown here.

Also, if you are having difficulties with muting out the Low strings during strums then thumb mute if you can! i.e. use your thumb over the top edge of the fretboard to kill the lowest strings during play.

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