The Fun Lovin' Criminal

Animated The Fun Lovin' Criminal tab by Fun Lovin Criminals on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the title song for the Fun Lovin' Criminals (FLC) album Come Find Yourself. Like Scooby Snacks, you'll probably have heard this music used in advertisements etc. Also like Scooby Snacks, the guitar parts are short and sweet. In this song you need only learn 2 riffs to be able to play along with the entire tune!

Main Riff

This is a very short and repetitive riff played on acoustic guitar. Just hold the E major Chord shape and follow the dots we show in the ActionTab. Notice that quick fingerpicking is used, and that for the Low E5 (starting the riff) - strum both strings with a downstroke of your thumb.

The fingerpicking is not too bad once you get stuck into it. It is quite fast and you need quite good dexterity. The riff will feel unnatural at first, that's normal. You will just need to go very slowly at first, then work on the speed. Once your fingers get the hang of it, this riff will become much easier to do. See if you can get it consistent by playing along with the ActionTab when you are ready.

The riff always starts again from that strum on the Low E5 so is effectively just cycling through the same 8 actions!

Second Riff

They don't get much easier than this. This is actually an electric guitar played over the main riff, but we may as well show you it here as the rhythm guitar isn't going anywhere new. This simple lead lick sounds good, and is very easy to practice. Just bend the first note (C#) up by a small amount then pick the adjacent E note, apply vibrato. Do this 4 times, then go back to the main rhythm riff.

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