The Clairvoyant (Lead)

Animated The Clairvoyant (Lead) tab by Iron Maiden on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This main lead guitar part is played by Dave Murray. Except for the solo, it is actually easier than the Rhythm guitar (played by Adrian Smith).

Dave's lead carries most of the melodies and cool licks, so if you only want to learn one main guitar for the song - go for this one. Many of the riffs are nice and easy here, with some lovely melodic parts:

Intro - This is a great set of little melodic riffs. Let's divide them into simple sections. Have a go at the first, and once you have it, move onto the second...etc:

Riff 1 - Riff 2 - Riff 3 (play twice) - Riff 4 (play twice)

Then just play (almost) the exact same riffs, except an octave higher:

Riff 1 - Riff 2 - Riff 3 (play twice) - Riff 4 (play twice)

Verse - This is very straightforward stuff, but you still need basic skills in alternating between palm mutes and open stabs. Check out this Core Skills section for more if you are new to that. Use all downstrokes here. This is the powerchord progression:

D5 - C5 - G5 - Bb5 - C5 (repeat)

Harmony 1 - In the middle of the verses both guitars play a little harmony. This is the lead melody played by Dave, meanwhile Adrian plays a similar melody underneath. 2 or more (different) melodies played together make a harmony.

Harmony 2 - After the next verse, harmony 1 is played again. However, afterwards it is dropped by 2 frets. It's the exact same thing, just played lower.

Bridge - The bridge is played faster than the other parts of the song. It's a different style of rhythm to the rest of the song, but the good news is that the finger changes aren't too difficult with some practice. Still, beginners will need to practice the palm muting here. Go very slowly at first on just repeating the first chord over and over. Get it right, then speed up until you crack the rhythm hand. Then start working on adding the next chord, build it along from there.

Solo - A lovely little solo this, but definitely not for beginners. He uses a harmonizer effect / second guitar layer in the original recording, which we've removed here to avoid confusion.

The only other different guitar parts in the song are the last half of the final bridge. It's the same as the normal bridge, played just before - except everything is lower by 2 frets.

Also, the Outro is just the same as the second half of the intro, ending with this little lick.

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