Animated Thankyou tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a beautiful song. Led Zeppelin's Thankyou is good for beginner-intermediate players. It's an entirely acoustic song, with a simple chord sequence. Here we see all the song parts to get you strumming along soulfully...

Intro - The intro is basically just a D major chord shape, played by adding / removing fingers along the high E string. Notice that between the D major chord shape there are some little licks played (e.g. here and here). Beginners may want to skip these and just keep holding the D chord instead until getting the hang of the strumming first.

Verse - During the verses the guitar is silent until halfway through. Then pick gently through C major - G major - D major. Start strumming the D major as the drums pick up to enter the bridge...

Bridge - Strum through the following chords leading up to the main chorus:

B minor - E major - B minor - E major - A major

Chorus - Then follows the main chorus chords:

C major - G major - D major (add / remove fingers on high E again). Repeat this chord sequence again, with more strums per chord. Then play the Bridge again.

After this, the rest of the song sections repeat again from the intro. The wonderful classical solo takes place at this point too, which we'll look at in a separate ActionTab. We've taken it out of this one to help you concentrate on just the main rhythm guitar. The only real new part is the outro...

Outro - Apart from the solo, this is the hardest part of the song to play, as it is just little melodies fluttering away until the end. Beginners may want to leave this part - it isn't strictly necessary to play the song, and instead just end with the last D5 (repeat).

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