Tangerine (Solo 2)

Animated Tangerine (Solo 2) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the second solo during Tangerine. It begins at the bridge of the song, and pretty much carries on to the end. As we discussed in the first solo Jimmy Page switches between a pedal steel guitar and a standard electric guitar (with some medium level distortion).

Rather than leap between different guitar setups, we've kept it all on one standard electric guitar (with distortion). It still sounds great, and you don't need to hop between guitars to get through it all.

Notice at the start of this solo just 1 finger is used to play everything. That means you can use a bottleneck slide to play through that part. If you don't have a bottleneck slide, just use the 3rd finger as we show here. It will still sound good. If you do use a bottleneck slide, you can use it on any finger you like, and remember to slide over the fretwire (not the middle of frets) or the notes will be flat.

After that beginning part there is a short break (probably as Jimmy swaps guitars), you can use that time to take the bottleneck off your finger and be ready for the rest of the solo, which is played normally.

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