T12321Fingerpicking E shapes

Animated T12321Fingerpicking E shapes tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This fingerpicking pattern applies to classical, spanish, traditional, folk right through to country. It is a T12321 pattern to begin with (T stands for thumb, followed by finger numbers). The left hand maintains the E major chord shape, but moves up and down the neck to provide a pleasant chord progression. The left hand shape remaining the same will enable you to focus more on your right hand fingerpicking.


The second part of this piece changes chord focus to A major, and the fingerpicking pattern to maintain a T 321 321 321 pattern. Your attention is drawn back to the fretboard / left hand to engage in a pleasant but simple melody.

With good practice at fingerpicking patterns, a guitarist soon learns to focus more on the left hand (making melodies / chord changes etc) and leaves the right hand to continue the patterns automatically.

whilst you also get to grips with playing a pleasant melody with your left hand.

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