Symptom of the Universe

Animated Symptom of the Universe tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Symptom of the Universe first appeared on the 1975 Black Sabbath Album 'Sabotage'. The song is great to play and not too hard on the fingers but you must take it slowly with the fast riffs first off until your fingers get the run of the notes.

The song only has 4 main sections / riffs:

Section 1 Riff (repeats 4 times)

Section 2 Riff (appears twice in the ActionTab)

Section 3 Riff

This riff can be played as shown, or by fretting across the low A and D strings with your first finger at the second fret after hitting the first F# note. Doing this will leave your index finger in place for 2 of the notes used on the 2nd fret. However, it will be better practice to try and play each note individually.

Section 4 Riff

This lovely Spanish / Classical end to the song uses fingerpicking and some tricky stretches. Work on technique before building up speed to get it right!

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