Sweet Dreams (Main)

Animated Sweet Dreams (Main) tab by Marilyn Manson on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This Manson song is a cover of the 80's Eurythmics classic. It is very straightforward stuff in C minor, although the guitars in this song do use strong effects at times. To keep things simple, we didn't use the large amounts of wah-wah and other effects. If you want the same FX as the song, you'll need a lot of overdrive, wah-wah, chorus, delay, sustain and stereo imaging - and that's just for starters.

There are 2 guitars for this song. One guitar does the powerchords / rhythm, and then there is this main guitar - playing the main riff and solos. We'll deal with that first...

The main riff for the song appears from the start and repeats a LOT. Once you can play it, you'll know a large portion of the song.

The main riff starts here and ends here on the second slide. Just repeat constantly! It's not too hard but will take some time to get up to speed. The key to it is using the right down / upstrokes with your picking hand.

You can hear where the other (rhythm) guitar starts to kick in here. We'll take a look at that in the Rhythm ActionTab for this song, but as it happens, the main guitar riff ends soon, and this means we can switch to showing you the rhythm guitar part for a while (starting here).

The powerchord progression for the rhythm guitar is simple, and once you know it you can probably work out the rhythm guitar for the rest of the song yourself anyway - it just uses the Ab5, G5, C5 chords.

After that it's back to the main riff again until we reach the first solo. The solos in this song aren't fast or difficult, but you do need to use quite a lot of bends to get that slight 'out of key' sound. Remember, they use lots of FX too in the song which affects the guitar sounds quite a lot. However, it's nothing too tricky to learn. The first solo is particularly easy, mostly along the G string - just work on quickly shifting between hand positions at the 5th and 7th frets with your 3rd finger.

After the first solo we switch to the rhythm guitar once more. Just play out C5 and Ab5 chords. Then hit the next solo. Note that the main riff is also used here, but we know that plenty already.

The second solo uses the C natural minor scale, with some blue notes included. It's not too fast, but does use lots of half and quarter note bends to get that 'off tune' sound. Remember they use lots of effects, so it sounds a bit different here - but the notes are all the same.

After this, there is a break for the guitars, afterwards returning to the main riff again. Followed by a last solo - which is much the same as the first solo. Most of it played along the G string, and then across to the high E string to play exactly the same notes an octave higher.

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