Sweet Caroline

Animated Sweet Caroline tab by Neil Diamond on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here is a golden oldie from the solitary man, Neil Diamond. This song is comprised of the following riffs:

Intro - Just gently strum with downstrokes throughout the F#7 (no 3rd) chord. There is a lead guitar during the intro too. However, we've taken it out so you can just concentrate on the rhythm guitar. It's ok though, the exact same intro lead is played again later in the song. So if you want to learn it just click here.

Verse - The verse progresses in simple powerchords through F#5 - B5 - E5 - B5 (repeat)

Notice that there are little double stops played up around fret 12 between these chord changes (here and here). The quick position changes here can be tricky. If you are a new beginner then you might want to just stay playing the powerchords and skip the double stops.

Chorus - The chorus progression is harder to play. That's mainly because you need to control your strumming, use muting, and make quick chord changes. Just go slowly and get it right, then build your speed.

First progression:

B major - G# minor - F# major - B minor - F# major

Second progression:

This follows immediately after the first progression, and uses the same chords. However, you need to mute the strings more quickly to get that nice choppy effect. Plus the order of the chords are slightly different this time.

B major - G# minor - B major - B major - G# major

On some choruses you can end with this little lick too.

And that's all you need to play the whole song. Just repeat through the sections we've outlined!

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