Sweep Arpeggio Thing

Animated Sweep Arpeggio Thing tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab shows short arpeggio sweeps into short chord stabs. Hold the first 4 notes ready to play - as shown in this lesson. This sweep is across notes from a C minor chord - C, Eb, G, C (octave). Dampen the first 3 notes with your strumming hand, but let the last note (C octave) sound out without damping. The easy way to do this is to make sure the edge of your strumming hand only contacts the bottom 3 strings. This way, when you sweep pick across the notes across 4 strings, the first 3 will be palm muted, and the last note will not.

Remember, an arpeggio sweep pick is much like strumming a chord, but make it so that each note sounds out in rapid succession. Muting a note just as soon the next note is played gives some great sweeping effects - and this is a fantastic technique to apply in solos. You can see in the ActionTab that as soon as a note is played the finger is removed from the fretboard once the next note is struck. This is important. Doing this will not only give a clean sweep across the first 4 notes, it also means that your fingers are free to find their next place on the fretboard quicker than if left on the fretboard. In fact, you cannot play the subsequent chord stab in time unless your little finger (yellow dots) is already making its way from playing the first note in the arpeggio to barre across the top 3 strings for the chord strike. It's happening that fast!

If you are new to sweeps, there are other ActionTab examples for you to try...For this example, it is best to practice the sweep across the first 4 notes first until you are able to play it close to the normal speed version. Once you are able to sweep that, then work on fitting in the subsequent chord stabs.

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