Summer of 69

Animated Summer of 69 tab by Bryan Adams on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is a great tune for beginners to learn. It is easy to get into your mind, and a tune running in your head is always easier to learn!

There aren't too many hard chord changes. The short melodic solo is also simple and follows the rhythm, so is quite easy to get with some practice.

Intro / Verses:

The song starts with a D powerchord with some tight palm muting, and occasional open chord strikes, then does the same thing with an A powerchord. Not too many fingers are needed to switch between these chords.

A good way to learn this song is to just hold the D chord first and work on getting the rhythm first. Once you can do that work on the A powerchord the same way. Once happy, work on switching between the chords and keeping the rhythm hand consistent - don't miss a beat as you fumble between chords! Keep practicing until your fretboard hand fingers can easily switch between chords quickly. It will come with time. Do it slowly and then work on building speed last.


The song then takes us through some straightforward chord stabs. The chord sequence is:

B powerchord - A major - D major - G major (repeat once)

B powerchord - A major - D major (hold)


The whole thing then repeats again, followed by a very simple solo on the top E and B strings.


After that solo melody, the chords change to:

F major - Bb major - C major - Bb major

F major - Bb major - C major (hold)

Once you can play this tune you'll be ready to advance through more advanced rock tunes. Keeping a tight rhythm and working through basic rock chord progressions like this is the sturdy foundation of many songs!

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