Strumming 7

Animated Strumming 7 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This lesson is from the Core Skills Strumming section.

After picking exercises, like this, you should already be able to move between a few chord shapes smoothly whilst picking. It's the same deal for this exercise, but with strumming.

It is a vital skill to get smooth chord changes. So far we have strummed exercises based around just one chord. This is necessary to build skills in strumming technique, but not many songs have just one chord all the way through right?

The moment you can strum through a few chord changes you'll be able to learn a lot of songs and parts of songs. Many famous tunes are just 3 or 4 chords repeated - so now you're nearly on your way to earning your 1st Dan in Bob Dylan tunes.

This exercise is a simple '3 chord wonder' for you to play using the same chords as the picking exercises. (Remember - the ones you DEFINITELY practiced to 15a and 15b)

Again we concentrate on your ability to strum cleanly with one hand whilst smoothly moving between chords using your fretboard hand. Practice will iron out those awkward gaps as your fingers find their way to the next chord.

The chord sequence in the ActionTab is E major, C major and A major (repeat). You can hear the different chords and when they occur. At the same time you will see the dots change in the ActionTab as the fingers move from chord to chord.

If you have difficulty, concentrate on just your fretboard fingers first. Move them between the right shapes again and again without any strumming. It is easier to concentrate on one hand than two. When you can do the changes with one hand, start playing the ActionTab on loop. See if you can make your fingers change chords in time with the audio in the ActionTab (still with just one hand). When you can keep the changes up to speed with the audio in the ActionTab, then start bringing in your other hand to start working on the strumming.

Looping the ActionTab will also help you familiarise yourself with the music and strumming rhythm. Once it's swirling around your head, you will be more able to play it because you'll know how it should sound!

For the E major chord strum all 6 strings, but miss out the Low E string when you strum the C major and A major chords. Use your thumb to mute the Low E string if you prefer.

NB We are playing the A major chord with 'unusual' fingers - this is a matter of practicality. Sometimes you need to use the fingers that make most sense depending upon the surrounding chords. For this combination of chords, this A major fingering is easiest!

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