Stormbringer (Lead)

Animated Stormbringer (Lead) tab by Deep Purple on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The main lead guitar does the main solo, a couple of fills, and an outro. All is layered over the rhythm guitar.

The lead occurs in 4 places during the song, so use these shortcuts to jump to them in the ActionTab...

1. Whammy intro
2. Crossover lead bend
3. Main Solo
4. Outro

The 1st and 2nd parts are very easy because they are only 1 note!

The 1st part is a B note played with a heavy divebomb on the whammy bar. Just pick the B note and then instantly push the whammy bar down (into the guitar body) to slacken the string and lower the note. Then slowly raise the whammy bar to it's resting position just before the main rhythm lick kicks in.

The 2nd part should be no surprise if you've already done the rhythm guitar ActionTab. This is where the rhythm guitar plays a little solo and then has to quit before the last note so it can get back to the main rhythm riff. So the lead guitar takes over for that last note. Bend and hold that G note as the rhythm guitar kicks into it's main riff.

If you don't mind cutting the length of that high note, you can do it all on the rhythm guitar (we discuss that in the Rhythm ActionTab). This saves crossing over guitars just for 1 note!

The 3rd part is the Main Solo (which mostly alternates between the E minor and B minor scales). It's a really odd solo in some ways. That's because it involves lots of sliding between notes with your first finger. This means you need some good sustain, because often notes are not picked between slides. It is a nice technique, giving a kind of sloppy, off-key sound in places.

After the plentiful slides, this guitar continues to play licks lower down the fretboard. At the same time, the other guitar plays a simple high lick.

The 4th part is the lead's Outro. Ritchie Blackmore uses a wah-wah effect on this guitar part. Bearing in mind most people don't have one to hand - here it is without wah. Just do simple funky strumming on the top end of this G chord, and don't forget the sneaky Low E!

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