Still Loving You

Animated Still Loving You tab by Scorpions on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song became one of the Scorpions most popular tunes. There are a few versions of it. This is the live version, which is better to learn for guitar because there are less orchestras involved, and more guitar. We've kept it in standard tuning for ease.

Here we look at the main guitar. This runs from start to finish and although it's quite long, don't let that put you off learning it. There are actually only a few riffs.

Intro / Bridge - Although the chords here are picked, you can fingerpick if you prefer. The progression goes as follows:

Gm - Gm7 - G-9m - little lick - Eb maj7 - D7 (repeat)

Verse - This chord progression is easier than the intro / bridge:

Gm - A major - A major - D major (repeat)

Chorus - Kick in the Distortion and just belt out the following (mainly) powerchords:

D note - G5 - Eb5 - Bb5 - F major - (repeat)

Then: G5 - C5 - D5 - G5 - Eb5 - F major - whammy down slowly

That's all you need for the whole song. Although at the end of the last chorus / outro there is a little variation. Fuller chords are used for the ending chord sequence rather than just powerchords.

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