Star Wars Cantina Band

Animated Star Wars Cantina Band tab by John Williams on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is just a little fun with the Space-Jazz Cantina Tune from the Star Wars films. The fictional band who play the tune in the film is called Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Most folks just settle for 'Cantina Band'. The music was originally made by John Williams who wanted a 40's jazz feel, but with an alien twist.

It's a lively tune and the melody is moderately fast throughout. We play with typical jazz guitar technique - i.e. lots of muting. In jazz, muting is often used to make purposeful gaps between notes in the melody. It can also be used to just kill unwanted string noise. In fact, that is exactly what is going on during the opening lick:

Just keep both fingers on the 2 notes, but in a muting position. That means rest them on the strings in the right places, but don't apply any pressure. You should be just touching the strings by resting your fingers on them, but not pressing down on the notes. Only push down on the string when picking a note. As soon as it is played, return to the muting position. At the same time press down on the adjacent note and pick it. Just practice alternating between the first 2 notes of this tune repeatedly until you get the hang of this technique. Watch the ActionTab to see how the fingers should work.

This is quite a tricky tune to play, best suited for intermediates rather than beginners. Just break the tune down into small chunks (i.e. just a few notes). Concentrate on getting each small chunk right before moving onto the next part. Go as slow as you need to. Get it right before building speed.

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