Stairway to Heaven (Part 2)

Animated Stairway to Heaven (Part 2) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

After the Clean guitar for part 1, it's time to hit the distortion and rock! In this second part we look at the rock guitar backing at the end of the song. This is played behind the solo and through to the end of the song.

The good news is that there are only 3 chords throughout this section:

A minor - G 6 - F major 7

Notice that these 3 chords are strummed until the end of the song, using the same strumming pattern. So once you've learned to repeat the first 3 chords shown here in the ActionTab, just rinse and repeat!

There is one important exception. The famous heavy guitar part in the middle of this ActionTab is played differently. Again, it's essentially the same 3 chords:

A minor - G major - F major

But notice that this time just simple Barre chords are used, and there is some muting between chord stabs. (Confused? Watch the videos on barre chords and muting and do the subsequent exercises in those Core Skills sections).

After this heavy segment, return to playing the first 3 chords again.

Important!!! - The way that Jimmy Page plays some of these chords can be tricky. For example the F major 7 chord involves using the thumb over the top edge of the fretboard to play the Low F note. This is awkward for a lot of people.

If that's you, the answer is to use the barre chords we've shown you here instead. The barre chords are basically the same, and are much easier to play!

So, use the same strumming style you hear for the first 3 chords here:

A minor - G 6 - F major 7

But, use these chord shapes instead with your fretboard hand...

A minor - G major - F major

Much easier!

Next, let's look at that rather epic solo :)

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