Animated Spieluhr tab by Rammstein on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Spieluhr means 'music box' in case you were wondering. This song is in Drop D, so just tune your Low E string down until it matches the middle D string.

Like most Rammstein songs, the guitar is quite easy, but clinical. This is a good song for beginners interested in basic metal rhythm techniques.

There are only 3 riffs to learn:

Riff 1 - Tight & punchy riff, just using your 1st finger and the Low open string (palm muted). Use downstrokes except for this fast little palm muted upstroke. This riff repeats after these 3 chord strikes (you can use your 1st finger for those chords if you prefer).

There are a few gaps for the vocals in the song, so skip on to the next riff once you've got that one down...

Riff 2 - This riff is a straightforward powerchord progression. That means you can use the same chord shape to play through the different chords. This keeps things nice and simple. Just be sure to slide between chord positions as shown. Use all downstrokes - no palm muting.

Riffs 1 and 2 are repeated a lot (for verse / choruses), whereas the last riff is just a simple lead lick...

Lead lick - switching from powerchords to single notes. Use alternating down / upstrokes. After this, finish the song by playing out on Riff 2 - repeat until the end.

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