Speed Tech 36

Animated Speed Tech 36 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on developing Speed Techniques. As usual, check out the normal speed audio first.

Now we take the lick from the previous exercise and spice it up by using bends. Everything is the same as the previous exercise, including duration of notes, except that this time we bend up the notes at the tail end of the lick.

Notice that it makes a dramatic difference. The whole lick sounds better, especially fast. If you can already play the previous exercise lick, then this will be much easier to learn. You will already have the main pull off techniques down, and the notes are all the same duration. Just work at getting those bends fast, full and strong. This is a very common and powerful rock / blues technique - so it's well worth the practice.

You will probably need to go slowly again, and re-work the bends into the lick at first. But once you've adjusted to the bends, it will be easy to build speed again afterwards. This is one of those licks that you can use all over the fretboard and throw into the midst of longer solos. It's very versatile indeed.

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