Speed Tech 20

Animated Speed Tech 20 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on developing Speed Techniques. As usual, check out the normal speed audio first.

This is similar to the previous exercise. Except this time, don't cycle through each position. Just play it once and shift up immediately to the next position, repeat.

Also, we go a little higher up the fretboard this time, and end with a pull off / bend lick to make things a little more musical. This little exercise could well form part of a solo. And the techniques shown here most certainly can be used to play fast shreds in solos. Just work out your own ascending sequences of notes, and rip up through them in the same way!

Here are the finger patterns:

1-3-4 ... 1-2-4 ... 1-3-4 (2 fret gaps) ... 1-3-4 ... 1-2-4 ... 1-3-4 (2 fret gaps) ... pull off / bend lick

Again, we pick between strings here (starting with an upstroke). You can use just downstrokes instead, but give this method a go if you can. It is a worthy skill to develop.

Also, notice for the last pull off lick that you must keep all your fingers down after performing the hammer ons. This leaves them in place to seamlessly perform the pull offs.

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