Speed Picking Madness

Animated Speed Picking Madness tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Time to let your right hand know what God really put it there for.

A speed picking exercise along phrygian mode, ending in a sweet descending arpeggio in E minor around position 7.

The key to picking flawlessly at speed is in using alternate downstrokes / upstrokes with no deviations or break in this down / up picking pattern.

Start slowly and pick up the pace gradually. Often it feels natural to move to the next string and always start with a downstroke, but if you were due to play an upstroke at that point, then you could get a break in your rhythm.

The trick is to have your right hand speed picking up and down without you even having to think about it - leaving you free to concentrate on the next flurry of notes you wish to play on the fretboard with your left hand!

If you are having trouble, try getting the first three notes repeatedly picked fast on just one string (down / up / down / up / down / up etc), then see if you can extend it across to two strings back and forth. Once you have your right hand fooled into thinking 'this is easy' simply rocket across all strings as fast as possible!

Remember to apply speed picking to different scales. Soon enough you'll melting plectrums and shredding your way to glory!

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