Animated Snowblind tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main guitar for Snowblind. We've kept it in standard tuning for your ease, but be mindful that Black Sabbath recorded it in C# tuning (tune each string 3 notes lower than standard tuning). That still means everything is played exactly as we show, just that the ActionTab is higher-sounding because we're sticking to standard tuning (Low E A D G B E).

The song is divided into straightforward segments...


E5 - F#5 - G5 - D5 - E5

Then play the open A string and pick up and down the C major then D major chords.


Verse Riffs

E5 twice - A - E5 - A - D5 twice - D slide to E - G


Next time round we show a different way to play that last part of the riff D slide to E - G. If you find this way easier, then use it, but Iommi and most guitarists play it the first way we show!

Occasionally during the verses this cool little riff is played. It is just a little A major scale riff followed by picking up through the C major and D major chords (again).

Just before the part where Ozzy sings 'my eyes are blind but I can see...' just replay the intro once more. Then change to picking through the following chord sequence...

E minor - D sus4 6th - C# flat5 7th sus4 - C maj7 - Em add9

Don't worry about the big names, as you can see in the ActionTab these are easy to play. Just repeat that chord sequence lots (the solo comes in over it)!

The only other part to the song is the Bridge. Just keep bouncing between the E and G notes, then batter out the D5 (repeat).

And that's every riff for the song!

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