Sharp Dressed Man (Lead)

Animated Sharp Dressed Man (Lead) tab by ZZ Top on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are 2 guitar parts to this famous song. If you are a beginner, learn the other Rhythm ActionTab first. It is very simple and straightforward. Here we look at the Lead Guitar. It is much more advanced and difficult, especially the solos. However, the famous signature lick of the song isn't so bad, and newer guitarists might want to at least learn that from this ActionTab. The song starts with it:

Intro / Signature Lick - All based around the C5 (powerchord) shape at fret 8, and then finishing on fret 3. After many repeats, there is a short tail riff. Just slide between the F5 and G5 powerchords.

The trick here is to keep your hand in a typical barre chord shape for the first part of the lick. Hold your hand in this shape, so that your 1st and 3rd fingers are naturally close to the right notes. This will keep your hand at a shallow angle, which is better for playing the double stops (2 adjacent notes played together). Just raise your fingers slightly off the strings once you have played the double stops. Just releasing a little pressure will kill the notes, and leave your fingers in position to continue the riff.

NB: Don't 'fix' your hand in the barre chord shape. Locking your fingers in this shape will restrict your movement too much. Just loosely hold your 1st and 3rd fingers over the correct frets, at a shallow angle. Notice that the picking hand uses ALL downstrokes. This keeps the lick choppy and tight.

Apart from this, the song involves 2 complex solos. Both are difficult:

Solo 1 - All the blue dots here signify the use of a guitar slide, placed on the second finger. For the last part of this solo you can quickly take the slide off during these open notes, or continue playing with the slide on.

Solo 2 - The last solo is very long and hard in places. But even if you are a relatively new dabbler in lead guitar, worth a look. Don't use the guitar slide at all in this solo.

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