Seemingly Endless Time (Rhythm)

Animated Seemingly Endless Time (Rhythm) tab by Death Angel on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here's the main rhythm guitar for this old Thrash classic. All riffs you need are here, and we'll show the lead licks / solos in a separate ActionTab. The riffs for this song are not really hard - it's the speed which is tricky. But remember, speed always comes with practice. Concentrate on getting the riffs right first:

Intro - This is really simple. Stab the powerchords, and mute the strings between stabs. Use both hands for muting (check out the Muting section for more information on this technique).

Riff 1 - This is a very short, repeating riff. Slight variations of it are used throughout the song verses. Pick the Low E string as shown and add the powerchords. Repeat after this A5 - G5 sequence.

Riff 2 - This is just a variation of Riff 1. The difference is that regular palm muted downstrokes are used for the Low E string. If you can play Riff 1, this will be easy.

Just repeat Riff 1 and Riff 2 again until the next part of the song arrives...

Riff 3 - These next 3 riffs serve as a kind of bridge / chorus in the song. This is slower than the previous riffs, and not complicated. Repeat 4 times. End on this Bb5.

Riff 4 - Although faster, this is still just a short repetitive lick. It is based around the melody of riff 1, but played quite differently from that riff.

Riff 5 - Basically Riff 4 again, but with palm muting.

Play Riff 4 again, then do this bridging riff...

Riff 6 - This bridging Riff is just another variation of Riff 1 again, except this time each riff ends with Tail 1 - Tail 2 - Tail 1 (again).

Finish with a dead stop (mute all the strings) and then repeat the whole lot again. The only new stuff from here on is in the outro:

Outro - This is just more of the same style of licks, but chopped and changed a bit to polish off the end of the song. The only lick in the outro worth mentioning specifically is this lick, where 2 powerchords are played differently than before. Finish with the intro riff played once more.

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