Seek and Destroy

Animated Seek and Destroy tab by Metallica on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is one of Metallica's finest songs from their early days. The song is pure metal - ripping riffs, aggressive pace, and more chugging than a cheap night at the student bar.

This ActionTab shows you all the essential song segments. Many of the riffs here are repeated throughout the song. Once you have learned them from the ActionTab you should be able to play the whole thing.

There is one tiny modification to the song in this ActionTab: The riff straight after the intro (the riff which starts by using the open low E string for the first time in the ActionTab) includes a low open E powerchord quickly struck without muting the strings. This was included for all those guitarists who don't have a band to play with... it mirrors the bass and second guitar parts of the song. However, purists will be happy to know that it is easier to play the song without this modification. Simply play a standard dampened downstroke on the low E, and don't bother with the low E powerchord to be true to the guitar 1 role in the song.

The secret to getting the fast thrash part right is in the picking / strumming pattern. Watch for which notes are dampened by the picking hand, and the directions of the pick strokes.

Have Fun!

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