Animated Scooby Snacks tab by Fun Lovin Criminals on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a simple song, but great fun to play. Control the strings with muting, and use your thumb if you wish - remember there's no rule about that.

Brisk chord strikes with a swift chopping motion is the way to get the rhythm strokes right. Watch the direction of the strokes - especially on the rocky part of the song, or you'll trip up as you change between chords!

Take it slowly until you get the chord changes swift and smooth. The chords are very similar when it comes to finger positioning, and this will help you concentrate more on the speed of the changes. Once you've got good clean chord changes, and the rhythm strokes tight - then work on building up the speed.

This ActionTab shows each guitar part once only. They are repeated a few times in the song, but with no variation. So if you can play the ActionTab you can play your way entirely through the song.

A note about the guitar sound. Tremolo used on the guitar (in this case through an effects pedal). That's how the guitar has that nice wavering effect in the original song. If you don't have a pedal / amp that allows you to apply constant tremolo, then you can use your whammy bar to get that wavering on the long chords (where it's most noticable) instead. Use just a light vibrato at a moderate rate - if you use the whammy bar, don't overdo it or the effect will sound very wrong!

On your amp, use a clean channel with just a hint of distortion / overdrive on your pedal. Add a light amount of tremolo at a moderate rate, if you can. Don't worry - the song doesn't rely on the tremolo effect, so you won't lose anything by not bothering with it. It's just nice to know how these little things are done eh?

The intro chords are just two D powerchords (whilst the film dub / drums play).

Chorus Riff - Play between D5* - A major - C5 - G major - A major barre chords (repeat lots)

*D5 - is just a quick way of saying D powerchord

Verse Riff - This is nice and easy. Just 3 powerchords using the A powerchord shape:

D5 - F5 - E5 (repeat)

And that's the song! Have fun :)

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