Animated Scar Tissue (Main) tab by Red Hot Chili Peppers on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The main guitar for this song uses a clean tone throughout. There are essentially 2 song riffs that alternate from the start of the song:

Riff 1 - This is the main hook. It's quite a simple riff, but is unusual so you'll probably find it takes some getting used to. Each time it is played in the song, there is some variation. Start with getting the intro right first. Once you crack that, the other variations will come a lot easier. It's important that you use the fingers shown here because later when it comes to the small variations you'll be in the best position to play the right notes.

There is some hybrid picking used in Riff 1. This is a strumming hand technique where you use the plectrum and fingers to play strings at the same time.

Riff 2 - This little chord progression is the same each time it is played:

F major - C major - D minor - C major (repeat)

Just cycle through those chords. Notice that the C major chords are only played once, as passing chords. Getting speed with these chord changes can be tricky if you're only used to playing powerchords. Especially the F major chord shape. It's a C major barre chord shape played up at frets 5-8. It's tricky because every finger is used, but like all chords just keep practicing. The more familiar your fingers become with it - the more natural it becomes.

Those are the 2 main song riffs, but there are 2 others during the solo and again at the outro:

Solo backing - We slow things down more for this part. Just keep holding the D minor chord and alternate between playing the 2 middle strings. Do the same thing with the C chord. It's actually a very easy part to play.

Outro - Very similar to Riff 2 but the chords are much easier to play this time:

D minor - C6 - C major - D minor (repeat)

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