Animated Save Tonight tab by Eagle Eye Cherry on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is just 4 chords throughout. Because it's so repetitive we've reduced the intro / first verse (the same 4 chords are pumped out).

The main chord sequence is as follows:

A minor - F major - C major - G major

Notice that there is always an open string strum between each chord change. This is very common when strumming with fast chord changes. As you are strumming the open strings your fingers have time to find the next chord shape, and there is no loss in the rhythm.

If you like to sing while playing then try this out: When strumming the main 4 chords you can lightly palm mute during the verses and then strum normally for the choruses to get a bit more expression between song parts.

There are some lead guitar parts in the song. Because the backing guitar just keeps doing the same thing, we just switch to the lead guitar parts as they occur in the song:

Lead 1 - On electric guitar just play the same chord sequence, but this time, note-by-note. Playing a chord one note at a time is called an arpeggio.

Repeat the same arpeggio sequence a few times then break into the solo. The song is in the key of A minor, so the A natural minor scale is used here for the solo.

After that the Rhythm Guitar changes slightly. Again the same 4 chords are used, but the strumming sequence is just a bit different.

Lead 2 - Start again with the arpeggios, and then break into an extended solo (using the A natural minor scale again). The solo runs to the end of the song.

NB - The strumming is quite fast and upbeat. Make sure you can play it at a slower pace with smooth chord changes before building speed!

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