Sad But True (Lead)

Animated Sad But True (Lead) tab by Metallica on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here's all the lead guitar parts for Sad But True. If you want to see the various rhythm riffs then check out this ActionTab instead. Whereas the rhythm guitar is ok for beginners, the lead is suitable for more advanced players. This is one of Kirk Hammett's easier solos, but that's only saying so much - it is still tricky and fast in places.

The tuning is D standard:

Low D : G : C : F : A : D

After showing the tail of the last verse riff the lead guitar starts...

Harmony - This little segment comes before the main solo. It's a nice little series of lead licks providing a harmony. This section ends with a break in the music before everything comes in at once, and the main solo begins.

Main Solo - The solo entirely uses the E natural minor scale (although in D tuning, this technically means we are playing the D natural minor scale). There are some great lead licks here, worth incorporating into your personal lick library. Some are not too hard either - like these bend licks.

Kirk tends to use a wah pedal and a few other effects for his solos (like a tube screamer). We don't bother with them here, and you don't need them either.

Chorus Harmony - After the solo, just rejoin the rhythm guitar and play this harmony line for the chorus. This plays until the outro solo.

Outro Solo - Before the song ends Kirk plays this lead fill. It's not very long and mainly uses the E natural minor scale again (the only exception is this blue note bend).

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