Sabotage (Lead)

Animated Sabotage (Lead) tab by Beastie Boys on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead for Sabotage is similar to the main rhythm guitar in that it is nearly all just one riff constantly repeated. It is also played just at fret 4, but is significantly different to the rhythm riff.

Intro - Start with some straightforward powerchord stabs as the rhythm guitar plays along. Nice and easy.

Main Riff - Short and repetitive riff, but takes a little skill to play. It's powerchord stabs interspersed with natural harmonics over the 4th fretwire. You need distortion to get the natural harmonics sounding properly. Some people like to play this whole riff using all downstrokes, which is possible if you are fast enough. Otherwise use alternate strokes like we show here.

To play the harmonics, mute the strings by resting your fingers lightly on the strings, but make sure your 1st finger is over the 4th fretwire. That is where the natural harmonic resides. Keep the adjacent strings muted, don't pick them. By keeping your fingers in position like this it is easier to switch between the powerchord stabs and harmonic picking.

Ascending lick 1 and Ascending lick 2 - These little licks occur during the song in a few places (e.g. at the end of the intro and after the solo). They start off the same, but finish slightly differently.

Solo - Straightforward rock bends for the solo. The timing is a little weird but nothing too difficult to get with some practice.

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