Rolling in the Deep

Animated Rolling in the Deep tab by Adele on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a fairly easy song to learn as long as you know your barre chords. It's all just palm muted downstrokes for the strumming hand, and simple chord progressions for the other hand:

Intro / Verses - The song starts with the main verse progression, however the first chord is played more times on the first time around, acting as a kind of intro. Here's the verse chord progression:

C5 - G5 - Bb5 - G5 - Bb major (repeat)

Pre-Chorus - More of the same stuff, using the following progression:

Ab5 - Bb5 - G5 - Ab5

Then do the same progression again, just finish on a different chord:

Ab5 - Bb5 - G5 - G5

Chorus - The chord progression for the chorus is:

C5 - Bb5 - Ab5 - Bb5 (repeat)

The whole song repeats again after this chorus. Then, on completing the next chorus there is another progression added:

Ab5 - Bb5 - C5 - Bb5 - Ab5 - Bb5

Then the guitar falls silent for a while during the final verse until this little electric guitar fill is played. Then finish off the song by playing out the main chorus chord progression again.

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