Rock You Like a Hurricane (Lead)

Animated Rock You Like a Hurricane (Lead) tab by Scorpions on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead in this song is not for beginners. The Main verse fills are simple enough, but the rest is all about fast solos and scorched fretboards. If you are only into getting the guts of the song, then leave the solos alone and stick to these parts:

Main Fill - It's about as easy as the lead gets.

Fill 2 - This is a cool little fill. Short, repetitive and relatively easy to learn. This fill is played towards the end of the song, and is not too hard to get stuck into.

For the determined / insane, the solos are very good indeed. Lots of technique and skill are involved which can only serve to help you grow as a guitarist. Here are some quick links to each lead solo:

Intro Solo

Main Solo 1

Outro Solo (easiest of the 3 main solos)

For those wanting to pick the best bits from the solo, there's a lot to choose from here. We recommend the following lead lick in particular:

Step Pattern - This is an ascending 'step pattern'. Basically you run up through a scale (or a few scales) using a repeating pattern of notes.

This is one of those guitar tricks worth learning. Practice getting it right at a slowish speed. Make sure your fingers get from the beginning to the last bend smoothly. Only when you can do that should you work on adding speed.

Practice it every day (minimum 15 minutes doing nothing else) and you'll find you can really get some impressive speed. What's more - you'll have an ace in the hole that will really sound cool!

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