Rock Game 2 Part Three

Animated Rock Game 2 Part Three tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This scale exercise is from the Jamzone.

Now let's use the same backing chords, but use a different scale for our melodies. So far we've used the A natural minor scale, this time we'll use the A7 scale. It's just a standard major scale with the 7th note flattened (lowered by 1 fret - from G# to G):

A major scale: A B C# D E F# G# A

A7 scale: A B C# D E F# G A

There are many different scales we could use over these 3 simple backing chords (A5 - G5 - D5). Each scale will tend towards a different feel when constructing melodies. For example, you'll see that this A7 scale produces a different kind of feel compared to the A minor scale used in the last exercise. This will become particularly clear when we start using this A7 scale to solo with. But before looking at that, let's learn the A7 scale....
Learn the A7 scale.
Play the scales until you are very familiar with the note locations of the scale on the fretboard.
Play ONLY the notes from this A7 scale!

We are playing at a moderate speed. Keep practicing this scale until you can get up to speed with it. Part of the point of scale practice is to get comfortable with playing fast runs of notes.

Also, notice that we need to shift finger positions during the scale. When ascending, shift your first finger from fret 11 to fret 12 on the high B string and again from fret 15 to 17 with your little finger to reach the last A note of the scale. However, when descending there are a couple of different position changes. See the diagram in this article.

Just be aware that you don't have to do it this way - you can go back down through the notes the same way we ascended, or even ascend the same way as we descended. However, our way is a little better for smoothness if you ever intend to really speed up the scale. The next Jamzone solo will also be a little more natural to play because it uses this particular fingering.

The A7 is a very common scale, so will be good to learn. Practice it until your fingers just know where to go automatically. Practice over the backing chords to make sure you can do the scales all by yourself, then move on to the next part of the scale game - making melodies / creating solos with it.

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