Rock 2 Backing

Animated Rock 2 Backing tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone where we are using some guitar layers to provide a strong rock melody. This ActionTab shows the backing layer, after this we will layer 2 more guitars over it.

The backing is an easy powerchord progression played over a slow rock beat. The progression is:

F#5 - Em5 - F#5m - G#5 - (repeat).

This is pure powerchord rock. Strike Each chord in the progression 4 times then move on to the next chord and do the same. The only slight exception is the powerslide at the end of the G#5 sequence.

Use very heavy distortion - lots of Gain and high bass, treble and mid. Basically, turn everything up to max. This not only gives a heavy sound, but will make sure the chords don't fade out between strikes. You may get feedback in the sound, especially if you add reverb. You can hear a little feedback in some of these chord strikes (e.g. th 3rd chord strike). That's ok, it will actually work very well with the melody as long as it isn't too high pitched or loud.

Focus on getting the chord strikes tight and on the beat. Once you can play along smoothly with this backing track it's time to start adding the rock melody.

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