Resolving Chords 2

Animated Resolving Chords 2 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Theory section on Resolving chords. Go there to learn more about the context of this exercise.

Here is another use of dissonance. This time we use the tension of the C augmented chord along with some rhythmic punctuation (muting to give gaps in the music). Then we move to the F#5 (powerchord) - which is a very stable chord - and use tight palm muting in a regular down / upstroke pattern (after an initial open chord stab, just use constant palm muting very fast until returning to the C aug chord)

The resolution effect is still there - moving from the unresolved C aug chord to the more stable F#5 chord. However, we also use the flow in the rhythm to emphasize the tension and release it. The rhythmic stop-start effect helps build the tension of the C aug chord. Moving from that to the consistent tight palm muting rhythm for the F#5 chord adds to the release / resolution effect. Using the C aug helps set up the F#5 chord nicely.

Notice how the C aug chord feels like it needs to go somewhere. By then thrashing out the F#5 chord we give that feeling good resolution.

Make sure to loop the normal speed audio to get an idea of how the effect should sound at full speed!

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