Reptilia (Guitar 2)

Animated Reptilia (Guitar 2) tab by The Strokes on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The main chords and solo are dealt with in Guitar 1. Whereas Guitar 2 (this ActionTab) plays out the catchy little melodies throughout the song. There are only a few melodies to learn:

Verse Lick - This is a simple little melody, constantly repeating through the verses. There are 2 short licks to keep playing back to back:

Lick 1 - Lick 2

Chorus - During the Chorus the melody changes. This is a trickier than the Verse Lick, and involves some position changes while you play. That means after playing this B note you need to move your hand up to play the next few note(s). Shortly afterwards, move your hand back down to Fret 7 to complete the lick. You need to do a few position changes like this. It's all good practice!

This lick is a a little longer than the verse lick, but is still quite short and repetitive. This makes it great to learn, because you can learn all the notes quite quickly and then work on building speed and consistent timing (along with those position changes).

Solo Backing - While Guitar 1 plays the solo just switch to the backing chords B minor and E major. Alternate between these two chords.

And everything else in the song is just more of the same licks. End the song by turning your volume knob down then strike the B minor chord. Then raise the volume knob to full. Mute and take a bow.

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