Animated Puritania tab by Dimmu Borgir on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is recorded in a much deeper tuning (A or B tuning) than standard tuning. So we've simply adapted it for standard tuning. This will save you and your guitar a LOT of trouble. It's a great song for helping you develop your rhythm / picking hand technique.

There are only 2 riffs throughout the entire song. They are both very easy except for one thing - they are played fast and tight. You will need to have at least some skill at palm muting with alternate strokes, and switching to open chord stabs. Go to the Core Skills section on Palm Muting if you need to brush up on these techniques.

Riff 1 - Short and highly repetitive. Notice that for the first chord, only pick 1 string whilst alternating between down / upstrokes with your picking hand. Switch to Tablature view to see how many times to alternate pick this note. And remember to keep palm muting it!

Riff 2 - Just use downstrokes (palm muted and open) for this 4 chord sequence.

Everything here is powerchords. This means your fretboard hand has less to worry about. However, you need to perfect your strumming hand technique to keep the rhythm tight to the drums and consistent.

Practice everything slowly, but keep the timing tight and accurate. Once you can get it right slowly, then you can build speed. With enough practice, your hands will just 'know' what to do and you'll find you can increase the speed more easily without making too many mistakes.

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