Pride (In the Name of Love) Guitar 3

Animated Pride (In the Name of Love) Guitar 3 tab by U2 on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This final guitar in Pride comes in after the 'solo' and is responsible for the nice high fills heard during the latter verses. It's nearly all played using one chord shape in 2 different fret positions:

B sus2 - Nice and easy, just pick notes from the top half of this B sus2 chord as shown. Then shift the same chord shape up to fret 14 (which is B sus2 too, just one octave higher).

This same sequence of 2 riffs is repeated in subsequent verses. The only other different part is during the final mellow bit he plays the first riff once while the other guitar plays the B sus4 - A sus2 chords. Then link to the last verses after playing these 3 harmonics.

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