Pride (In the Name of Love)

Animated Pride (In the Name of Love) tab by U2 on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a great song, and not too hard to learn either! The band uses a lot of delay (echo) effects, which we've mostly reduced so you can hear the riffs properly. You can still hear the effects properly in the normal speed version though.

There are a few guitars used in the song. Here we see the main one, which contains all the important riffs, and is the easiest to learn:

Intro - During the intro there are actually 2 guitar layers. One plays a simple muted rhythm. The other plays some chiming notes over the top. Here we flick between both so you can learn them together.

Muted Rhythm - The main guitar just involves muting the strings and strumming. Mute the strings however you like. Here we use all fingers clamped around the strings just to make sure the strings are totally muted during play.

Chiming Notes - While the main guitar does that, another guitar plays 3 sets of 'chiming' notes. Although the first pair of notes are played normally, notice that the next couple are harmonics. These give a chiming effect.

Check out the Core Skills section to learn more about muting and harmonics if you need to!

Main Riff - The main riff for the song is very short and repetitive. The best way to approach it is to break it into 3 smaller riffs. The same strumming pattern is used for each riff, so the only real difference between them are the notes used:

B5 riff (twice) - A5 riff - F#m (repeat lots)

You can use thumb muting across the low strings if you wish to stop unwanted string noise while picking the strings.

Mellow Bit - The nice little mellow bit in the song is really straightforward. Just pick between B sus4 - A sus2. We left the delay effect on strong for this part, because it sounds nice.

Solo - The solo is more of a little lead fill. Good news is that it's very easy. Just keep repeating the little lick as shown. Use constant down / upstrokes with your pick. Practice it slowly at first until you get regular, clean notes. Then build speed afterwards.

That's all the main song parts you need to play the main song. There are some really cool lead layers not included here, which we'll look at next. Get this one down first, and they'll be easier to learn!

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