Pretty Vacant

Animated Pretty Vacant tab by Sex Pistols on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A guitar classic from the 70's Punk Rock pioneers the Sex Pistols. The intro is nice and easy. Just palm mute the low A string and open pick the other 2 notes of the A5 chord. Repeat.

For the next part of the song, hit the full A major chord. Just barre across the 2nd fret with your 1st finger. Raise the part of your finger over the high E string a little so that it doesn't fret that high F# note. Doing this effectively mutes it - handy for if you overstrum.

The song verses are an A5 chord, G major, D major, A5. Then hold and strum the G major and E major chords. Repeat.

Notice that you need to use muted strikes between most of the chords. This is for rhythmic effect. You don't have to use the fingers shown here, use whatever works for you. You can even palm mute instead to get the same effect (or both)!

Steve Jones plays some little lead licks throughout the song, which are shown in the ActionTab. These are always over the E major and then A5 chords (just before the chorus). So if you can't play those lead parts yet, just play those backing chords instead! (here are the backing chords: E major - A5)

Then it's time for the infamous chorus. This is straightforward powerchord battering for the most part. Pound your way through:

D5 - C5 (just before this is a single Csus4 strike, but just play C5 instead if that keeps throwing you) - A5 and then do a little pentatonic lick: Pull off from C to open A and bend the G before hitting the A5 again. Repeat until the establishment has fallen.

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