Perfection or Vanity

Animated Perfection or Vanity tab by Dimmu Borgir on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a good tune for beginning metal fans to get to grips with. There are no tricky solos, just good old powerchord progressions for one guitar. Great for rocking out to.

The song just loops through the same progression of chords. Once you get to the end of the palm muted part (here), just repeat the whole thing again and again. We're going to break the chord sequence down into short, simple chunks for you. This will help you practice the song parts and learn it faster.

Just practice one chunk at a time (no matter how slowly), get each chunk right, and only then concentrate on building up the speed. Once you have that chunk nailed, move on to the next chunk. Keep doing this until you have the whole thing down. With some practice you should be able to play along with the original song all the way through!

Chunk 1: C5* - F5 - Bb5* (strum twice)

Repeat this little chunk twice before moving on to the next chunk.

* These are slightly different ways of playing powerchords. By bringing the 1st finger further across to play an 'extra' bass note, it doubles up the notes in the powerchord. This type of powerchord is becoming more common in extreme metal styles, particularly Black Metal.

Chunk 2: F5 - G5 - C5* - Ab5

Repeat this chunk again once more.

Now we're going to begin this 3rd chunk on the last chord of the previous chunk. It's just easier to practice it this way. Just remember when it comes to piecing it all together.

Chunk 3: Ab5 - G5 - F5 - Ab5 - G5 - Then palm mute the G5 12 times using rapid down strokes.

And that's the whole song. Just repeat again from the start until the end!

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