Patterns in the Ivy II (Acoustic)

Animated Patterns in the Ivy II (Acoustic) tab by Opeth on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Patterns in the Ivy (Parts I and II) are both wonderful tunes. Both are separate songs from the Blackwater Park Album. Here we look at Part II.

This is the main acoustic guitar for the song. You can hear other accompanying instruments in the normal speed audio, however we've removed all but the main guitar for the slower ActionTab animation to avoid confusion.

There is a nice lead guitar part that comes in at the end of the song, which we will look at in a separate ActionTab. Also, we've changed to standard Tuning for ease. In the original recording he plays with a capo on the 1st fret (or retune all your strings 1 fret upwards to F).

The main acoustic guitar part mostly involves picking through a handful of chords. Once you know the main song parts you'll know all of the song because many parts are repeated a lot.

You can fingerpick instead if you prefer - for most people it is slightly easier to pick it, as we show, but this is a wonderful song to fingerpick too (and great practice btw).

Use these quick links to jump between song segments:

Verse 1 - This is a 4 chord sequence played 4 times over.

Chorus - Another repeating chord sequence. Just beware the picking for the first chord is slightly different from the next times. Play this sequence 3 more times.

Interlude - Lovely chord sequence, plays through twice.

Verse 2 - Exactly the same as Verse 1, just play it through 6 times rather than 4.

Chorus - Same as last chorus.

Interlude - Same as last interlude.

Interlude 2 - Outro - This is another repeating chord sequence which plays to fade. The guitar solo is played over this part.

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