Patience (Rhythm)

Animated Patience (Rhythm) tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main rhythm guitar for Patience by Guns n' Roses. It's simple stuff, just using standard chords. Like most Guns n' Roses songs the song is in Eb tuning, meaning you need to tune each string down by 1 note to:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

We'll look at Slash's solos, fills and general finger trickery in the next ActionTab. If you are just concerned with learning the basic chord progressions, then use this ActionTab instead - it's a lot easier and much more beginner-friendly.

First verses - The first verses are very easy, it's just 1 chord per bar. Even though we're in Eb tuning we're going to use the standard chord names, as they will be more familiar to most people:

C major - G major - A major - D major (repeat)

Choruses - More strumming is involved for the choruses. Notice that between chord changes the open strings are strummed. This gives you time to change chords with your fretboard hand while your strumming hand keeps the rhythm flowing. This is a common technique.

C major - G major - C major - E minor - C major - G major - D major

Notice that in later choruses of the song the last D major is made a bit more fancy. Like here. That involves adding / removing fingers along the highest string. This is a very common way to use the D major chord to make it do interesting things.

Outro - The song changes pace here and the chords change. This is where Axl sings 'Patience'. The chords are straightforward, with a short, repeating sequence.

D major * - G major (repeat)

* Although the thumb is intermittently used for the first D chord (you don't have to use your thumb at all if it's too hard for you, just play a standard D major chord instead).

End the song with F maj13 - G major - harmonics at fret 12 - high D major

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