Paradise City (Intro)

Animated Paradise City (Intro) tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Like most GnR the tuning is: Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb (just tune each string down by 1 note if you are in standard tuning).

We're going to divide the song up into sections to make it easier to learn. For those just wanting the chords, follow Izzy's rhythm guitar parts. If you want the solos and flashy bits then follow Slash's lead parts.

This is Slash's intro. It's played on electric guitar using a clean setting. Nothing else is played by the band during this intro. Essentially it is just cycling through the following chords:

G major - C major - F major - C major - G major

The picking is fast, and you'll find the picking directions given here useful. As always, get it right slowly then work on building speed.

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