Palm Muting 9

Animated Palm Muting 9 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Palm Muting.

Here we employ rests (gaps) in the rhythm - you may remember these from the tutorials on picking. Sometimes what you don't play is more effective than what you do play. This is particularly true of rhythms based on palm muting.

Here is an exercise using the techniques you've learned so far, but this time incorporating breaks in the rhythm. We use the same chord progression as the previous exercise:

E5 - G5 - A5 - Bb5 - A5 - G5 (repeat again 2 times)

A5 - C5 - D5 - Eb5 - D5 - C5 (2 times)

To kill the notes cleanly in this exercise, simply keep your palm resting on the strings after you have played a stroke.

Also pay attention to the directional strokes used in this ActionTab. They are very important for getting the rhythm right. Varying the strokes and using 'rests' in the right places is a fun area to explore. Start applying different chords and you'll find a whole new world of rock opening to you.

An important note - here we 'kill' notes using the palm-edge of the strumming hand to stop the strings vibrating. However, it is worth mentioning at this point that there is another way of muting using your other hand on the fretboard. If you want to mute the strings with both hands, and know how, then do so. Often palm muting and muting are used together. We will do specific exercises on this aspect of playing later in the section on muting. So if you are having problems with muting notes and palm muting only, don't worry, you will find the core skills section on muting with your other hand helpful!

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