Palm Muting 7

Animated Palm Muting 7 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Palm Muting.

So far we have been keeping things simple with the fretboard hand to allow you room to concentrate more on your palm muting hand. Now you should be able to chug quite happily so we'll start bringing your fretboard fingers in more, using barre / powerchords (remember a powerchord is just a partical barre chord). Make sure to watch the video on how to play these if you haven't already.

In this exercise we play a sequence of chords (called a chord progression). We will use the E barre / powerchord shape to progress through the following chords:

G5 - Bb5 - B5 - C5
G5 - Bb5 - B5 - C5
A5 - C5 - C#5 - D5
A5 - C5 - C#5 - D5 (repeat whole sequence again)

To keep things simple for your strumming hand we use only downstrokes in this exercise, just playing 2 strings per stroke. Also by using the same simple 'shape' you only need to work on moving your fretboard hand up and down between positions on the neck. The relative note positions are the same. Remember to keep a constant flow in your strumming - this will involve you learning to move your fingers on the fretboard between chords as quickly as possible.

Next we will look at using stabs and alternate strokes more to make this chord progression more interesting.

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