Paint it Black (Rhythm)

Animated Paint it Black (Rhythm) tab by The Rolling Stones on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a fantastic Stones song, and one of their most famous. There are 2 guitar parts, which you can hear together in the Normal Speed audio. However, in the ActionTab we've taken out the lead guitar so we can just concentrate here on the backing chords.

This backing guitar is nice to learn, and beginner friendly. Remember that getting clear chords is a skill that comes with practice. You need to develop finger strength to keep all the strings fully down on the fretboard. Songs like this are brilliant for developing your chord-holding ability, and learning a great song at the same time.

There are only 3 song parts to learn! So, stick at it and you should know it all quite quickly. Then it's just a case of practicing and getting your finger strength and technique together.

Verse - Just alternate between the E minor and B7 chords. Be aware that the first E minor chord in the song is played more times than it is at any other point later in the song (because it's an intro as well as verse the first time around).

The strumming is almost ska / reggae in style. Hold the chord and then do a palm muted downstrum, followed by a normal upstrum. Repeat. Play the ActionTab and watch the verse chords a few times and listen, you'll soon get the idea. Keep each strum on the beat. It has an unusual effect because the first strum is quiet (palm muted) and the second strum is louder. This gives a sort of 'off beat' feel.

Chorus - Just play the simple powerchord progression here. Revert to normal strumming.

Interlude - Just slow strum the E minor and B Major chords. Repeat.

That's all there is to it! Next we'll look at that unforgettable lead guitar melody.

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