Nu Metal Pinch Harmonics

Animated Nu Metal Pinch Harmonics tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This tune is from the Core Skills section on Pinch Harmonics.

Hopefully you now know enough about palm muting and guitar playing to begin working the pinch harmonic into your playing by now. Here is a fun ActionTab to try out using pinch harmonics in a typical Nu-Metal style riff.

This riff involves palm muting around a simple E powerchord - with a pinch harmonic and bend fretted from the 3rd note on the G string (blue dot).

Notice that the bend on the pinch harmonic note is done either direction (for practice' sake, it doesn't really matter which direction you bend - the result is the same).

It is good to use pinch harmonic squeals as 'punctuation' in solid metal riffs like this. It can be difficult to switch between palm muting powerchords and throwing in pinch harmonics, but with practice and much love of metal, you shall prevail!

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