Animated NIB tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This famous Black Sabbath song was originally named after the drummer's beard. Ozzy reckoned Bill Ward's beard looked like a pen nib, and nicknamed him Nibby. When this song was written, Ozzy couldn't think of a name so named it after the beard. By the time the song got to release in the US, it was believed to have stood for 'Nativity in Black'. Which has stuck.

This ActionTab shows all the rhythm and lead fills for the song. Each section is repeated lots in the song, so we just kept it simple - all the riffs are here, just repeat where necessary.

There is one main Verse Riff, which has alternate endings such as this, this and this.

The next main riff is for the Break. Then it's the Chorus. And that's all you need to play through everything!


This is a great tune for learning to move fast between rhythm and lead licks. Break the song into shorter segments, then learn each part one-by-one. The hard part is threading it all together and keeping in time. You need to be fast to get from those little lead fills back to the E5 chord and repeat the main verse riff.

As usual, this Black Sabbath song is in E minor. For those wishing to solo over the tune - try E natural minor / pentatonic minor scales!

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