My Twin (Solo 1)

Animated My Twin (Solo 1) tab by Katatonia on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar in this song is good: Nice and catchy, quite simple and melodic. It is repeated in the song 3 times, so once you learn this one you'll be able to play the whole lead.

Although the solo is quite straightforward, it's not exactly beginner-friendly. It is quite fast and you need to be half-decent at your hammers / pull offs. However, if you take it slowly and break it into chunks you should manage it with regular practice.

To get the right kind of lead sound use plenty of delay and reverb if you can. And remember the original song is in C# (3 frets lower). We've recorded it in standard tuning to save you some serious downtuning. The solo uses notes from the E natural minor scale.

Lick 1 - Start off with just 2 notes: Pick the B note and hammer the C note. Repeat lots. You can just pick the first B note and continually hammer / pull off the C. That will save you having to continually pick the B note.

This solo fades in. It starts quiet and gradually comes to full volume. This was likely done in the recording studio by the band's sound engineers, but if you want to get that effect then listen up. Use the hammer / pull off combination as described above. That will leave your picking hand free. Start with your guitar volume knob turned way down. Pick the first note and while your fretboard hand does the hammer / pull offs use your picking hand to gradually raise the volume knob to full.

Lick 2 - This is the main lick. It's quite straightforward, but pay attention to this part. When you hammer with your little finger, extend it past the high E string so the tip is just over the D note on the B string. This is the yellow dot with the X in it. That means your finger is in perfect position to play the D note straight after the hammer on.

Lick 3 - Almost the same as Lick 1. Notice that a little muting is used to make some of the notes more punchy.

After that, just play Lick 1 one more time and then finish with this little descending Final Lick.

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