My Twin

Animated My Twin tab by Katatonia on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

We've stuck to standard tuning to save you fiddling with strings here. The song was originally recorded in C# tuning (i.e. all strings tuned down by 3 frets). The finger positions shown here are all the same as the original song, just things will sound higher-pitched in standard tuning.

Here we look at the main (rhythm) guitar. In the original song there are 2 separate guitars (one playing clean, the other distorted). This means at times you will hear an overlap between guitars. However, it's still possible to condense the song into 1 guitar part, as we show here.

Here are the song riffs:

Intro - Clean guitar. Just pick through this A minor chord, changing notes along the B string only. There's a big gap after the intro riff, where the guitar plays nothing, then comes the next riff...

Short riff - Distorted guitar. This short powerchord sequence occurs a few times in the song.

Verse - Clean guitar. Very similar to the intro, but easier. You can jump in to this riff 1 bar sooner than we do here.

Main riff - Distorted guitar. This simple powerchord sequence is played during the choruses. There's a really nice lead lick to play over this, which we'll show separately (you can hear it in the normal speed audio).

Interlude - Distorted and clean guitar. During this part of the song the distorted guitar plays this repeating riff. There is a clean guitar part you can choose to play too - shown here. The distorted guitar just keeps playing the same riff underneath it.

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